The Company

Yara Charms Jewelry is a company offering handmade beaded jewelry, made from semi-precious stones, to bold women with a creative spirit. We believe our products empower people by giving them a chance to express who they are and confidently flaunt it.

Purchasing a piece from Yara Charms Jewelry means:

  • Owning a beautifully designed piece that will reflect your authentic self.
  • Wearing jewelry with quality construction, made from locally sourced materials.
  • Knowing positive energy has gone into every piece as we create it.

At Yara Charms Jewelry, we let the stones dictate the designs, because we believe that nature possesses all the beauty one needs.

My Story

YaracharmsJewelry_brazilamethystMy name is Heather and I am the founder of Yara Charms Jewelry. I have always been the creative type – when I was younger I used to tinker around with pottery, painting, even knitting, but I could never find an activity that was entirely me. Then one day in art class my instructor said we were going to try beading. Others groaned at the basket of random baubles placed before us but all I saw were possibilities. I saw patterns, connections, designs. It all clicked. After that I made beadwork and jewelry making my creative outlet but as I got older it became more than that.

I believe that everything in this world is connected by a divine energy. This energy, called ashe, is the energy found in all natural things; humans, animals, everything.

So what on Earth does all that have to do with jewelry?

Jewelry is not just an ordinary accessory. It can be a form of self-expression and a tool for self-reflection. It can be a reminder of where you come from, and more importantly, where you want to go. Every piece of jewelry that I make is an expression of my ashe. So look around and find your perfect piece of jewelry. Let it lift you up, make you feel beautiful, and give you the strength to go out there and inspire others too.

I have been making jewelry for over 15 years now and I started “Yara Charms Jewelry” in 2009. Because of its uniqueness, the company quickly developed a core of regular clients who love wearing our pieces.

How We Can Work Together

Simple! You browse our collections here, choose what you like and order.

Alternatively, you can contact me for custom orders, which I can deliver within 6 weeks depending on the materials. For more information and policies on commissions click here or contact me by email.