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When I’m out doing shows I get a lot of questions on where I find my gem stone beads and unique pendants so I decided to make a post about some of my favorite local shopping events.If you are in the Houston area I highly recommend checking some of these out!

The first is the Gem, Mineral, Jewelry, and Fossil Show put on by the Houston Gem and Mineral Society. This annual event happens every September and is usually great for finding small fossils and gem cabochons for pendants. It’s also a great event if you are into gems as a hobby! The members of the HGMS are always very friendly and willing to share stories on how they found their fossils and other shiny treasures. It’s very easy to get caught up in good conversation at the Gem, Mineral, Jewelry, and Fossil Show and you’ll probably come away with a really cool item or two!

The next event where I find some of my inventory is the International Gem and Jewelry Show, coming to Houston October 24th. This show is jam packed with vendors selling beads, gems, and jewelry pieces from around the world. Things are definitely more pricey at this gem show but if you are up for the hunt and can talk a good haggling game you can score some great deals.

Finally, I need to give a shout out to one of my favorite small business stores in Houston, Jemco USA. Jemco has great deals on jewelry displays and findings. The staff is always friendly and they offer classes on everything from basic beading to metal casting. When I was just starting out with local shows finding Jemco really helped me pull my booth together – matching displays, risers, price tags, storage, they have it all in one place!

Other than that, finding unique beads and findings really comes down to looking everywhere you go. I have found beads at garage sales, thrift stores, going out of business sales, and craigslist. Not to mention dozens of little shops and roadside stands all over the country.

Here’s the info on upcoming events:

The HGMS annual Gem Show

September 25-26th, 2015

Humble Civic Center

Price: $8, kids 10 and under free.


International Gem and Jewelry Show

October 23-25th, 2015

NRG Center

Price: $6 (plus $10 for parking), no kids under 8 allowed.


Jemco USA

6610 Harwin Street

Houston, TX 77036

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